Freedom of Information (FOI) Guide

The British Council prides itself on seeking new and open ways of engaging with the worldwide community. In order to build integrity and trust, it is important that we set an example by opening up more of our organisation to the world.

We are committed to making the maximum amount of information about us and what we do readily available at minimum inconvenience and cost. It is important that all sections of the community can access information about us and we will, as far as possible, aim to make information available via our website. Where possible, we will also provide information in alternative formats, including in hard copy, if asked to do so.

A large amount of the British Council’s information is available on our country websites. Some of these websites are translated into local language. You can find a list of each of our overseas offices on our website, where you will also find our office contact details and links to country websites.

If you are unable to find the information you require on our website, you can make a request for information.

Information we publish

Our commitment to publish information is set out in seven broad classes according to the Model Publication Scheme approved by the UK’s Information Commissioner. These include information about what we do, how we are funded, our policies and how we measure results and evaluate ourselves. The British Council already publishes a great deal of this information via its website and its many printed publications. This Scheme is not intended to duplicate that information, but instead provide a guide to those resources.

Further information can be found here: