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If you have booked your IELTS Test with the British Council, you have complete free access to the exclusive from British Council IELTS Ready: Premium resources. Benefit from a personalised study plan, practice questions tailored to your abilities, interactive activities and much more. Log in to your Test Taker Portal account after you have booked and start preparing for your test day.

If you’ve decided on taking the IELTS test, want to stay ahead but aren’t ready to book just yet, IELTS Ready Member offers you free access to exclusive essential resources from the British Council to kickstart your IELTS prep journey. Start practising with sample questions, model answers, and vocabulary exercise.

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Boost your IELTS preparation with our exclusive app, loaded with in-depth insights for each section, valuable test tips, and tools to sharpen your grammar and vocabulary skills. Download now to elevate your readiness for success!

IELTS Personal Counselling

Would you like to get personalised feedback and advice on how to achieve your target IELTS score and how to best prepare for your test in the most efficient and effective way?

We’ve got you covered with our IELTS Personal Counselling. You will get the chance to get the tailored support from our IELTS counsellors who will guide and advise you on how to best prepare for your exam to achieve your target IELTS score.

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Find more exclusive resources from British Council

IELTS on Computer Familiarisation Test

Explore the IELTS on Computer test for free! Take a full practice test to get a feel for what awaits you on the actual test day.

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Free Skills Practice Test

Time yourself with our free skills – Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening- practice tests to refine your techniques.

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IELTS Preparation Courses

Discover our exclusive IELTS preparation courses, supported by the British Council’s extensive experience and globally recognised academic credentials.

IELTS Coach     IELTS Tutor

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IELTS Explained

Learn more about the test formats and top tips for each section.

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We have a variety of free webinars delivered by IELTS experts

Learn with our IELTS experts and feel more prepared for test day.

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Purchase further IELTS learning materials and get ahead

Get extra practice with our premium paid services.


Personalised, online coaching

With a private IELTS expert teacher that you choose, you can get ready for your IELTS test at your own speed to get the score you need.

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IELTS Progress Check

Sample all four sections of the test from $65

Take an official online practice test. Your test will be marked by an official examiner and you will get an indicative band score (within 5 days) with feedback so that you know the areas you need to improve on.


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