IELTS teaching tips

As an IELTS tutor, you will be in the unique position to not only help your students with their IELTS test, but also give them language skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. To help you bring the best out of your students, we have put some of our top tips together.

Take the IELTS test yourself

By taking the IELTS test yourself, you will be able to better understand what your students go through when they take the test themselves. Each section of the test is slightly different and by familiarising yourself with the varying types of questions, you will be in a better position to help your students to do the same.

British Council teaching support

At British Council, we have a huge range of resources to help you bring the best out of your students. Attend our regular webinars to gain the latest insights and get tips from English Language experts.

Discover the resources available on our IELTS for teachers page.

Encourage your students to be natural

When completing their tests, especially the Speaking sections, many students become nervous and overthink their answers. Many also feel pressure to memorise large or complicated words without fully understanding them, which could negatively affect their marks.

True mastery of the English language is demonstrated when the student can speak casually and spontaneously express their ideas in the clearest possible way.

Offer your students our range of benefits

When a student takes their test with British Council, they will be able to access our huge range of resources. By using these resources, they can maximise their chances of success.

  • IELTS Ready Premium. A comprehensive e-learning and online assessment tool. It is your best possible online preparation & practice resource. Download sample tests, practice interactive activities and get expert advice.
  • The IELTS app. Helpful resources and practice activities that students can access on their phones.
  • IELTS webinars. Industry experts deliver weekly webinars, helping students to develop their skills across the four different IELTS sections.