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Why recognise IELTS?

Since its first test release in 1989, IELTS has gained a global reputation as the most trusted & reliable English language assessment.


  • Accepted by over 11,000 organisations worldwide, including over 750 in Canada.
  • Accepted by all immigration agencies that require an English proficiency test, including Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada – IRCC.

IELTS offers two types of test:

  • IELTS Academic – measures English language proficiency needed for an academic, higher learning environment.
  • IELTS General Training – measures a test taker’s proficiency of those wanting to immigrate to Canada – Permanent Residency & Citizenship.

Both tests measure English language ability to the same high levels.

Having two versions of IELTS allows you to quickly identify applicants with the English-speaking skills most relevant to your organisation’s needs.

What is a Recognising Organisation (RO)?

A recognising organisation is an institution which accepts or uses IELTS scores to measure the English language proficiency of its applicant.

Recognising organisations include:

  • Educational institutions
  • Government
  • Professional bodies
  • Commercial organisations

All organisations accepting IELTS are listed on our global database which is accessed by our test takers. This means that by accepting IELTS, you gain exposure to millions of applicants around the world.

How to become a Recognising Organisation (RO)

You can apply for your organisation to become an IELTS Recognising Organisation (RO) online. It only takes a few minutes.

How to locate a missing IELTS test result?

Expecting an IELTS score? Still waiting? Can’t find it? Here are actions to take:

If you accept paper score reports:

  • Contact the test taker to confirm he/she named your institution to receive their TRF.
  • The test taker must follow-up with the test centre where they sat the test to confirm mailing date* and re-order if necessary.

*Unless express shipping is specifically requested by a test taker, all TRFs are mailed via regular post with no tracking number.

If you accept electronic scores:
While missing results are uncommon, if you are unable to locate a score in the IELTS e-download service, please email your concern to ielts.organisations@britishcouncil.org to confirm the nature of the issue.

  • Teachers


British Council’s two-day IELTS Teacher Training workshop is designed for teachers who are already teaching IELTS classes, as well as for ESL instructors who wish to teach IELTS classes in the future. This workshop is not for IELTS Examiners.

The aim of the workshop is to prepare trainees to teach IELTS classes effectively. To achieve this aim, the workshop is designed with practical ideas and materials, and provides top tips and classroom activities which participants can use in their classrooms.

Participants who complete all four Modules – Writing, Reading, Listening, and Speaking – will get a Certificate of Attendance from British Council which is recognized by TESL Ontario for 10 Professional Development hours.