British Council IELTS Webinars

The British Council schedules IELTS free webinars on a weekly basis, which are hosted online and easy to sign up to. Lead by IELTS experts, they discuss a wide range of topics and aim to support test takers in preparing for their exam. The webinars cover all sections of the test including Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, explaining what you can expect in these parts of the exam and how to score well in them. You will also get an opportunity to ask our IELTS experts any questions you may have.

Why attend an IELTS free webinar with British Council?

The IELTS free webinars are an amazing way to improve your chances of success on test day. These are just some of the benefits our previous test takers have found from attending:

  • To get a better understanding of the test format and what to expect on the day. Whichever test it is you’re doing; we have the practice materials to help you succeed.
  • To get top tips and advice on all four areas of your IELTS test.
  • To have the opportunity to ask our IELTS experts any questions you may have.
  • To get access to free practice materials and advice before you take your test.

Upcoming British Council IELTS webinars

Join the thousands of test takers across the globe who attend our weekly scheduled IELTS webinars.

Writing Task 2 Overview

18 August 2022

This webinar introduces the format of Writing Task 2 and what the examiners are looking for in 2 key aspects of the marking criteria, Task Response and Coherence & Cohesion. You will have the opportunity to work through an essay structure by analysing model paragraphs and follow 7 key steps to help you write your own essay.

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The IELTS Speaking Test

25 August 2022

In this webinar we will start with an overview of the format of the Speaking Test. Then you will have the chance to practise some of the skills and strategies you need for each of the three parts of the test.

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