Become an IELTS examiner

How to become an IELTS examiner

IELTS examiners are trained and certified professionals who are responsible for assessing IELTS Writing and Speaking tests. If you have strong academic experience, the required qualifications in teaching, and a passion for the English language, then you may be the ideal candidate for becoming an IELTS examiner.

On this page you will find a range of information exploring who can become an IELTS examiner, what the process is like, and what the role involves.

Applicant requirements

To apply to become an IELTS examiner, applicants must have relevant teaching qualifications, experience, and education.


Applicants must have either have three years of full-time academic study through an undergraduate degree or qualifications that are equivalent to an undergraduate or master’s degree.


Applicants must have relevant teaching qualifications. This can include: a TEFL or TESOL qualification or a degree in education that is supported by an undergraduate degree, focussed on study of the English Language.


Applicants must have taught adult students that are 16 years or older for a substantial period of time in a relevant field.

Application process

Of those who apply, a shortlist will be created and successful applicants will receive an invite to be interviewed. Those who are successful in the interview stage will be required to complete an induction process. Following successful completion of induction, candidates will proceed to a four-day training course that will be carried out by an Examiner.


Those who are successful in their training will be required to complete a set certification. This will demonstrate their ability to apply the assessment criteria accurately and reliably. Finally, those who complete the certification stage successfully will become qualified IELTS examiners.