IELTS Personal Counselling

5000+ test takers have now benefitted from this service. You too can take advantage of one-to-one support from an IELTS expert.


We’ve got you covered. With our IELTS Personal Counselling you will get the chance to receive optimum support from our IELTS experts, who will guide and advice you on how to achieve your target IELTS score.

Whether you are a first time or repeat IELTS test-taker and need professional guidance to determine your current English proficiency level, with personalised feedback and study guidance before booking your test, then this package is ideal for you.

IELTS Personal Counselling

This package includes the following benefits:


  1. An English level check for all IELTS exam skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) with detailed speaking & writing feedback indicating your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
  2. Skills and level focused study packs, that will guide you on how to achieve your desired score.
  3. Regular check-in calls with your personal counsellor to follow up on progress and answer any questions you might have about your study plan.
  4. 45-minute webinars with an experienced IELTS trainer giving expert guidance on how to improve your IELTS performance through our study packs across the four skills.

Service fee: $49 tax included