Free IELTS study pack with British Council

Test takers can sign up to the British Council IELTS study pack for free! Get lots of preparation materials and information about future tests sent straight to your inbox. Our expert advice and practice materials will get you prepped and ready for success on test day.

What does the IELTS preparation pack include?

The IELTS preparation pack includes a range of materials, including:

  • A series of webinars lead by IELTS experts.
  • Detailed study plans.
  • Practice tests, so you know what to expect on test day.
  • There are materials suitable for both the Academic and General Training IELTS tests, and they also cover all of the sections, including Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

Benefits of signing up to the IELTS study pack

  • Get free learning materials sent straight to your inbox
    No need to spend precious time searching around for practice materials that will help you score well in your test. We can send you exactly what you need, straight to your inbox.
  • Identify the weaker areas of your English to practice on
    Use the IELTS practice tests to measure how prepared you are for your exam and what your weaker areas are, so that you can put more time and effort into improving them.
  • Access to British Council IELTS experts
    Don’t tackle your IELTS prep alone. We have IELTS experts standing by to help you learn what you need to know and to answer any questions you have about the test.

Continue your learning with IELTS webinars

Covering a wide range of topics

Covering a wide range of topics, The British Council hold weekly webinars covering a wide range of topics on all of the IELTS skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing). We try to ensure the webinars vary from one week to the next to give you a better understanding of the IELTS test.

Led by our British Council IELTS experts, the webinar sessions also present an opportunity for test takers to ask any questions as well as learning about the test.

These webinars have proven extremely popular and helpful for test takers in the past, with people participating from across the globe.

View the upcoming webinar schedule here and make sure you sign up!

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