Xyna International Kitchener

IELTS Test Centre

Xyna International School in Kitchener- IELTS Test Centre with British Council

Learn more about IELTS at Xyna International School in Kitchener or 'Register Now' to book your test. When you book your British Council IELTS test, you get free access to IELTS Ready: Premium. IELTS Ready: Premium is your ultimate preparation resource with 75 interactive activities, tutorial videos and 8 practice tests to get you ready for test day.


An official test venue run by Xyna International School conveniently located in Kitchener. Excellent Road connectivity. Free Parking for test takers.

Features at this centre

Headphones Available

IELTS on computer available

IELTS on paper available

IELTS one skill retake Available

$317.7 (+TAX)

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Xyna International - Kitchener

1770 King Street East, Unit 6A



N2H 1H5


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