IELTS practice online and 1-1 tutoring

The British Council has built a library of resources, tools and services to help our test takers succeed. From online resources and preparation courses to online English tutors, we have everything you need to make sure you’re well prepared and able to get a great score on test day.

Online resources

Get started on your IELTS practice with online resources available for free through The British Council. Get them sent straight to your inbox or access them online in a matter of seconds and start practicing for your test on-the-go, at any time, in any location. All you need is a device and a connection to the internet to access official resources and your IELTS tutor online!

Preparation courses

We deliver both online and face-to-face preparation courses, to help you learn what you need to for your IELTS test and stay on track with your studying.

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Online course: Get ready from anywhere!

This course is 12 weeks long and delivered online. It has been designed by IELTS experts to help you prepare for all four areas of the test: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

The course aims to explain what is needed to achieve your desired band score, give insight into what your examiner is looking for, offer tips for on the day and make sure you know the test format.

The course is paid for and starts with a free 7-day trial but can be cancelled at any time.

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1-to-1 IELTS Tutor Online

You’ll get a much more personal learning experience, with our tutors coaching you through the IELTS exam and personalizing the sessions to what you’d like to work on most.

There are two courses you can take with our personal 1-to-1 tutors.

Rapid Revision is completed in just 5 sessions with your tutor.

Advanced Study includes 20 personalised sessions with your tutor, giving you more time to thoroughly prepare for your test.

Both services are paid for, and you can try an initial session for just $1.

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