Discover Canada through its culture, traditions and food

We will take you along to discover Canada through its culture, food, traditions, and all it has to offer. We will also tell you how the IELTS exam can help you experience the best of it. ...

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Business English phrases related to the skills evaluated in the IELTS test

In this article, we will explore Business English expressions related to the four abilities evaluated in the IELTS exam (listening, speaking, writing, and reading). ...

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How to improve your public speaking skills for the IELTS?

In this article, we will tell you how developing public speaking skills helps you to improve your IELTS score. We will also provide you with some tips to achieve it. ...

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3 additional advantages of taking the IELTS exam when living in Canada

Are you living in Canada, and you feel unsure about taking the IELTS exam? We will tell you how it can improve your experience in this country. ...

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