Prepare For Success With A Free IELTS Trial Test

Plus, get $35 discount on your main test

A teacher gives a class considering English for everyone.

Are you gearing up for the IELTS test and seeking a preparation tool? We ensure fairness, quality, and constant product enhancement, which is why we offer free IELTS Trial Tests to help you excel. 

In addition to being free, you will receive a $35 discount on the actual exam fee if you book it in the same centre where you take the IELTS Trial Test.

IELTS Trial Testing provides an invaluable opportunity to experience the real test environment before the big day. These free trial tests, conducted worldwide, mirror the actual exam conditions, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the format and receive authentic feedback.

In this way, you get to know your test timing and gain invaluable insights into your performance and level of readiness. Keep in mind that they are available for the writing, listening, and reading sections, speaking is not included. 

Why choose the IELTS Trial Test?

You may find a lot of benefits in taking an IELTS Trial Test, for example:  

  • Experience the timing and structure of the IELTS test firsthand. 
  • Gain insights into your performance with detailed feedback from experienced evaluators. Understand your strengths and areas for improvement to boost your confidence and readiness. 
  • Your participation in Trial Testing directly influences the assessment and updating of IELTS materials. Your feedback shapes the future of the test, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness. 

Key Features 

  • Participate in IELTS Trial Testing at absolutely no cost. Break free from financial constraints and embark on your preparation journey with confidence, knowing that you’re accessing premium preparation resources without breaking the bank.  
  • Benefit from the flexibility of choosing between Academic or General Training trial tests, ensuring your preparation caters precisely to your goals and individual needs. 
  • The trial will be marked by an IELTS official examiner, which is why the result will be accurate and valuable for your preparation. 
  • Prepare effectively and shape the future of the international English language test. 

Where and when can I take the IELTS Trial Test? 

The next time window to take an IELTS Trial Test in Canada will be from 29th April to 7th June. Don’t miss it! If you are still wondering when the most suitable moment is to take the exam and you ask yourself if you are ready, this is your chance.  

Contact any of the following Official Test Centres to book your IELTS Trial Test. They will provide you with the details of the specific planned sessions for you to choose the most convenient.

Centre name Venue / City Contact Point E mail address Contact no
Coast English Testing Surrey Kiro Nevchevski knevchevski@englishtests.ca (604) 553-3515
ILSC Montreal Montreal Patricia Grenato patricia.granato@ilsc.com (514) 876 4572
ILSC Toronto Toronto Paul Bulgakov paul.bulgakov@ilsc.com (416) 323 1770
ILSC Vancouver Vancouver Neha Thakur neha.thakur@ilsc.com (604) 689-9095
Mosaic – Employment And Language Services Vancouver Omer Farooque sofarooque@mosaicbc.org (604) 254 9626
Mosaic – Employment And Language Services Surrey Omer Farooque sofarooque@mosaicbc.org (604) 254 9626
Xyna International School Vaughan Ramya Vasudev ramya@xyna.ca (844) 409 0100
Academy of Learning Career College Mississauga Jaspinder Kaur Jaspinder.k@aolccollege.ca (905) 306 0666
A&D Tutoring Edmonton Angie De Benedetto testing@adtutoring.com (780) 444 9349
ETC Central Winnipeg ETC Central Fazlee Rabbi fazleerabbi@myetccentral.ca (204) 219 4108
ILTTS Mississauga Pavneet Kaur pavneet@iltts.ca (905) 793-3299

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