IELTS on computer

Same IELTS test, just on a computer

Take IELTS at a British Council partner test centre

The same IELTS test.

With IELTS on computer, you take the same IELTS test, but you type your answers, in a computer lab at an IELTS test centre. The Speaking section of the test is still face-to-face in a private room with an IELTS Examiner.

Accepted by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and academic institutions.

IELTS on computer is accepted for Canadian immigration and by over 750 organisations across the country.

See who accepts IELTS.

Book IELTS on computer.

More flexibility, so you can take IELTS when it suits you.

IELTS on computer is available up to three times a day, seven days a week, giving you more choice on when you take the test.

Check availability with your local test centre, as dates and times vary across the country.

Same results format. Faster results.

Your IELTS on computer results will be available to preview online in just three to five days. We will also send you your Test Report Form by post.

What happens on test day?

You will need to attend a local IELTS centre in order to take your test. No technical computer skills or knowledge is required, and you can still plan out your answers on paper. Staff will be available to support you, should you have any technical questions.

Preparing for IELTS on computer

British Council provides free materials to help you prepare for your test. For more information visit our IELTS on computer preparation webpage.

Find your nearest test centre

We offer IELTS on computer in the following locations across Canada:

Frequently Asked Questions

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