$35 on Your Main IELTS Test by Registering for an IELTS Trial Test Terms & Conditions:

  1. The use of the Promo Code is essential to obtain the offer price for the IELTS test. However, it does not mean an automatic right to registration by paying.  Therefore, it is necessary to follow the instructions described here and using the promo code to obtain the offer test fee.
  2. Promo codes will be valid only for use at select British Council IELTS test centres across Canada.
  3. Promo codes are only applicable at the test centres where the candidates completed their trial tests between April 29th and July 7th. Completion of the trial tests is mandatory to be eligible for the promo code. Please note that these trial tests are on Paper only.
  4. Candidates must contact their respective test centres to avail these promo codes.
  5. Any candidate who registers and pays the standard test fee without entering the promo code cannot later request a refund for the price difference.
  6. We have limited number of promo codes available for the trial test takers and they are valid till March 31, 2025. Test takers have to book and complete their tests within this period.
  7. The promo codes are only to be used for IELTS test registration. Standard fees will apply to all other post-test services (eg: EOR, OSR, ATRF etc.)
  8. The test taker using the promo code can only apply for refunds and transfers within the standard policies of the exam, as accepted at the point of registration and in accordance with the value of the promo code. These policies can be found here.[***]
  9. Promo codes are non-transferable under any circumstances and can only be used by the individual who participated in the trial test.
  10. Promo code is for single use only and can only be used at the test centre where test takers have done their trial tests as mentioned above.
  11. British Council reserves the right to modify or cancel the promotional offer at any moment and will make its best effort to inform of any change via the same channels of communication that the offer was shared through.
  12. Our Privacy policy can be found here [https://www.britishcouncil.org/privacy]Personal data will be managed according to the authorization already provided to the British Council for the exam registered by the Test Taker.
  13. This is a stand-alone offer and cannot be used in combination with any other promotional offer by the British Council or the Test Centre.

Steps to be followed by the test takers:

  1. Test takers contact the designated test centres and register themselves for the trial tests between April 29th and July 7th, 2024.
  2. After completion of the trial tests, test takers should contact the same test centres to register for the main IELTS tests no later than March 31, 2025.
  3. The test takers’ details will be verified for authenticity by the test centers. If eligible, they will then be registered by the test centres upon collection of all necessary identification documents and payments. Promo codes will be applied by the test centres.
  4. Test takers will receive confirmation emails from the test center once their registrations are completed.
  5. Other test activities will continue as per the standard business process.